Take Your Hospitality Business to the Next Level

Are you struggling with staffing issues?

Has the pandemic increased the need for system changes in your hotel or restaurant?

Are you finding it difficult to communicate with guests?

Do you need fresh ideas?

Would you like to discover hidden profits in your business?

Does your kitchen or bar menu need an upgrade?

Would you like more press?

Would you like to enhance your social media?

Do you, simply, just need help?

Would you like a stronger word of mouth reputation?

Is it your desire to provide an incredible and memorable experience for your guests?


If you’re looking to increase revenue, get more from marketing efforts, and work smarter and not harder, you need the Murry Method. Mandy’s proven track record of taking hospitality businesses to the next level through one-on-one consulting, or with her Inner Circle Mastermind Program. This exclusive setting is perfect for hospitality entrepreneurs and executives who want to achieve their goals and get the support they need to succeed. With Mandy as your guide, your business will be Magnetic, Upgraded, Remarkable, Reputable, and you and your guests will be saying YES!



Mandy Murry is a Force in Strategy, branding, communication, story-telling, and breaking up with fear.  she is a three-time cancer survivor and instills her passion for travel and experience into everyone she meets.

She has been there and experienced it – creating the dream and story-book lifestyle of hospitality and travel, and inspiring others to live theirs. Her accomplishments include:

*Director of Travel Logistics for VIP Guest of the 2002 Olympic Torch Relay

*Sales & Marketing Director for a Private Island Development in the Caribbean

*TEDxBountiful License Holder, Organizer & Host 2012

*James Beard Celebrity Chef Tour Dinner Asheville, NC 2014

*Owner of Hospitality, Real Estate, and Health and Wellness Marketing and Consulting Company 

*TEDxRiverton License Holder, Organizer & Host 2018, 2019

*Food Critic and Travel Writer with accolades in The Huffington Post, Bella Grace, and Forbes. Named the Best Travel Writer in 2018, 2019, and 2022 by Lux Magazine.

*Author of Cloudsurfing: Abuse, Cancer, and Fear Took My Voice, Now I Soar

*Owner, General Manager, and Executive Chef at a mountain boutique resort, Snowbird Mountain Lodge 

Her passions for food, travel and business building have led her across the globe to consult with independent and noteworthy hospitality businesses. She has a proven track record of increasing revenue and taking boutique properties to the next level to stay in demand online and offline.

She now teaches online programs, provides consulting and mentoring, and runs luxury retreats for hospitality professionals and boutique hotels, and is creating a network for food and travel writers to connect with noteworthy destinations and culinary delights.

looking for a high impact speaker for your hospitality group?